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-Joe, CEO of the PR agency (Identity Protected)
What Ripoff Report & SEO Companies Will Tell You...
*Ripoff Report Will Tell You:
Hello Mr. Small Biz Owner, sorry the review will never be removed... you'll need to sign up for our fancy VIP verified program so we can fix this and make your business look good. Your new ripoff report page will make your business look legit and we'll all be friends now, I promise!
TRANSLATION: Give us $10,000 dollars upfront (or more) and we'll adjust the ripoff report to include your side of the story. It will also rank even higher on Google after doing this, and you will be at the mercy of Ripoff report forever. It will be the first thing customers see when they Google you, typically #2 or #3 spot on the first page of Google. Seriously... You will lose even MORE SALES from customers who see you had to pay Ripoff report.
*Cheap SEO Companies Will Tell You:
Hello Mr. Small Biz Owner, we can bury your bad reviews easily by doing our magic SEO techniques that are too complicated for you to understand. It will take 6 -10 weeks, sometimes longer. We also do maintenance forever. And we guarantee you'll be happy or your money back.
TRANSLATION: We're going to drag this out for months to bill you as long as we can because its not performance-based. No guarantees this will work. We create junk content to fill the internet and slow down the Ripoff report. But it will rank #1 eventually, so we will bill you for as long as we can until you complain. We will refund you 1 billing cycle and part ways with you.  People still see the Ripoff report and also read the junk content they post on Google. You will continue to lose MORE SALES during this time. 
Discreet Removal Process Gets You Back In Business In 90 Days Or Less!
DIG - The Digital Identity Group
Since 2012, the Digital Identity Group™ has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses protect their digital identities. DIG is an elite group of reputation experts that can resolve complex situations quickly and discreetly. We specialize in complete removal of damaging content from internet search results and protecting your good name.

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