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The Digital Identity Group™ provides a full range of services to help individuals and businesses protect their digital identities. Our team specializes in removal of content, monitoring for damaging content, online investigations, and protecting your online presence. 

If your personal name or brandname is under attack then we offer 3 different solutions to help you protect it. The first solution is Content Removal, which includes removing the damaging content from Google search results using court orders. The second solution is to protect your digital identity by creating positive content online. Usually a combination of these two strategies will ensure lasting protecting for your good name. 

How It Works:
 Discreet Content Removal Now
  •  Step #1: Analyze Your Reviews & Situation
  •  Step #2: Create A Strategy For Removal
  • Step #3: File Our Case Identifying The Content
  •  Step #4: Obtain Court Order For Takedown
  •  Step #5: Present The Court Order To Google
  •  Content Is Removed From Search Web Results
  •  Average Takedown Is 45 Days Or Less
 Protecting Your Digital Identity Longterm
  • Monitor Your Name or Business Names
  • Create Positive Or Neutral Content
  • Post Friendly Content For Your Name
  •  Rank Friendly Content On Google Results
  •  Prevent Bad Content From Ranking On Top Pages
  •  Repeat Content Removals Initiated If Detected
  •  Rest Knowing That Your Name Is Protected By Us 24/7
 Our Trusted Team Of Web Experts Manages Everything
Protecting Individuals & Businesses Since 2012
  •  D.I.G. - #1 Firm for Ripoff Report Removals
  • All Matters Stay Private & Confidential
  • Efficient  Takedown Process
  •  Cost Effective Solutions
  •  Average Takedown Time Is 45 Days
  •  Over 1500 Damaging Results Removed
  •  Apply Today To See If Your Situation Qualifies!
Founded in 2012, the Digital Identity Group™ protects the online reputations of both individuals and businesses. As one of the first law firms to concentrate on Internet defamation and online reputation, our expert team has successfully handled hundreds of online reputation matters — both domestic and international.

The Digital Identity Group™ specializes in removing damaging content from internet search results. Our proven takedown process allows us to remove content such as Ripoff Reports and Pissed Consumer listings from the public eye. We help you restore your reputation quickly and cost effectively. The Digital Identity Group is the #1 firm for removing damaging content discreetly from the web. 

Our firm represents clients across the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Asia. All reputation matters are handled 100% privately and confidently within out trusted firm. 

Book a FREE consultation below now with one of our web experts to see if you qualify for speedy removal of damaging content. 

DIG - Digital Identity Group
Since 2012, the Digital Identity Group™ has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses protect their digital identities. DIG is an elite group of reputation experts that can resolve complex situations quickly and discreetly. We specialize in complete removal of damaging content from internet search results and protecting your good name.

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